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Dear Easy Casting,

I discovered your website earlier this year. I put some pictures and resume at your site, but did not purchase the upgraded account. Well, on my birthday in June, I received a call from a producer of an independent film who saw my picture and resume at your site! He asked if I could audition for his independent feature.
I did, and I got the third lead in the film!

The project just wrapped and I intend to upgrade my account with Easy Casting at my first opportunity! It proved to me that your site IS visited by the industry. I figure if I can get a lead in an independent film just by having my info at your site, imagine what may happen if I pay the few extra dollars and submit to projects! By the way, the film is titled "Sunday School Pants", a thoughtful drama about a young preacher whose faith is tested by a homeless man (me!).

Thanks again, Jeff Vernon

Dear Easycasting,

I have been meaning to write for a while now, but I have been kept so busy, it has been hard. I signed up with you guys back in October. Within my first week I had already been called into several auditions. After about 2 weeks, I landed my first Regional Commercial. After 2 months, I landed a co-starring role in an independent film--which I finish shooting next week. I am also up for a role in a feature film...and it's now between me and two other women!

I am signed up with several other sites, but Easycasting is the one site I have gotten the most PAYING jobs from. It is the one site I have gotten the best response from as well. You tool that allows actors to send out resumes and headshots via email is also fantastic. The format is so complimentary and it looks so professional.

As a female in this industry, there are a lot of creeps out there. The one time I had a run in with a "casting director" of this type that had posted a notice on this site, I notified your Support team and they not only answered me immediately, but took measures to make sure I was ok and removed the harmful post at once. Thank you, I will never forget that.

I plan to stay with you for a while. congratulations on all your successes and thank you for your part in mine.


Roshi Ellis

I must say that this site is AWESOME!! I booked my first "REAL" role in a full length feature. I will be playing 'Officer Davis' in the movie "Anonymity" by Modern Art Pictures, Directed by Marc Higa (an up and coming Superstar director).

I have only been a member of Easycasting.com for about two months and have already booked a featrue!! I bet you can't find better results than this anywhere else on the Web!

Thanks Easycasting!

Freddie Johnson


I have not shot it yet but I did just receive a script and was offered a role as a detective.....the reason this is so shocking, is that it literally was the first day I registered with you and then submitted myself electronically and I was supposed to sign up that day for an extras casting office but chose instead to fill out your form.

Thank you Easy Casting as it could not have been any easier than through this website which even gives actors a format to highlight their talents best by asking them each and every part of their life that they may not think is valuable to their career and normally would forget to put on their resume!!

For those wondering NO! I was not paid to write this, I do not even know who owns or runs or built this website Easy Casting, I am an actor from Florida who just arrived here this year and am unfamiliar with anyone really in this town, so if you are a talent I recommend you sign up......yes now unless you want to do extra work the rest of your life!  Thank you Easy Casting for not letting me ever be an EXTRA!!

I would also like to pass along to my fellow thespians since it really is what you give that you get, craigslist.com (Los Angeles), another incredible resource for actors and I have never really found conflict or repeat postings....so for those who check these religiously like I do, there is another place where I booked legitimate work - "Rough Riders" for CMT Networks/VH1, a pilot show that just got approved for four episodes.

Dotan Baer


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