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Problem uploading pictures :

Make sure that your files are jpg format, not bigger than 200kb and have a one word as their name: barry1, barry2 etc.


Can not login:

We recomend you click on the "forgot password" link and get all the information you need straight to your email


Role mismatch:

Usually when actors are being denied from a role submission this is because the role does not much the actor's profile specification. We recomend to double check your profile in order to detect the problem. Sometimes it is the age and other times itís your ethnicity and there were even cases of wrong gender.


  What are electronic submissions:

Unless the casting director asks specifically to do so, you supposed to submit your picture through our system. The c.d. will check your submission through the account which we provided him/her. Please do not e-mail the c.d. if you were not specifically asked to do so.



We have two types of payments:

A month to month paid via credit card. For this we use Pay-Pal. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact Pay-Pal directly at: 1.888.221.1161  

Yearly (12 months obligation) which can be paid by check or money order. If you wish to pay for a year you can send the payment to:

1425 N. Alta vista blvd. #303
L.A., CA 90046

Please include your full name and username.



If you wish to cancel, please do so through your pay-pal account (The same one you used to pay for your membership). If you have any difficulties contact their support team.


How to submit:

Electronic submissions - Click on the project, then on the role and then click submit. Itís that easy.


Free trial:

After 7 days you will not be able to submit yourself to any casting notices, unless you are a paying member.

However, we will not erase you profile. It will be available for casting directors to view through our search engine.  That is a feature that we will never charge you for.


Donít have an electronic picture:

If you wish you can mail your photos to our costumer care at:

Easy casting
1425 N. Alta Vista blvd. #303
L.A., CA 90046

The cost is $5 per picture. Make check payable to Moonquake.


How does our system works:

Easy Casting  is an advance system that helps you the casting director and our actors to communicate better. Every casting director has his own Easy Casting account which he receives submissions to. It doesnít blocks his/her e-mail.

The system is very easy to use.By using this system you wont need to bother with the post office, mailing and drops off. You can do all of this in a push of a button.

How to restore Internet Explorer's default settings:  

Go to Tools Ė Internet Options Ė (See Diagram 1) 
In the Internet Options Box click on the Advanced tab and then click on (See Diagram 2) Restore Defaults at the bottom of the Internet Options box and click OK

Diagram 1

Internet Options Box - Click the Advanced tab and click OK

Diagram 2

Internet Options Box - Click Restore Defaults at the bottom of the Internet Options box and click OK

Diagram 3


If you still can't find an answer, please email us at Contact Us .



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